Homemade Prints!


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As a graphic designer, I have a passion for typography, colors, layouts, and pretty much everything else design-related. Last Christmas while trying to brainstorm thoughtful gift ideas for my loved ones, I came across a brilliant idea to design them prints of their favorite quotes. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone’s reaction as they first glance at something you created, just for them. It all started with a poster for my mom (#5), which she hangs above her drawing table in her art room. The first print is for my brother, who is an English nerd…err…teacher. (haha) So the E.E Cummings quote was pretty much spot on. The other prints were for my college roommates and best friends. I love designing these quote prints because I have complete freedom…it’s exhilarating!

Like what you see? I’d be more than happy to design a quote print for you! If interested — please contact me at brittanymt24@gmail.com.


That’s a wrap

With the Holidays right around the corner, basically all I can think about is what gifts to buy, what gifts to make, and how to wrap them! I’m really into the hand-crafted look these days, and most of these gift wraps can be done with just a few items from the craft store. After much research, mostly thanks to Pinterest, I came across these beautiful wrappings. There’s something about a gift with homemade wrapping that adds that extra heartfelt something, and really shows someone you care. Happy wrapping!

Brilliant Bookends

The holiday season is quickly approaching and I’m sure like me, you want to find your family & friends fun gifts that they will adore. One of the many challenges with gift-buying is that it is super hard to come up with a new, creative idea that you have not yet experienced with your loved one. That’s why I was elated when I stumbled upon bookends while pursuing the gift section of my favorite stores one day . Whether the one you’re buying for is a bookworm or not, bookends can be suitable for everyone on your list (and they’re affordable!).  They are just another one of those underrated, small house accessories that add spice to any room!

{My personal favorite from this list is the balloon animal ends from Burke Decor}