Valentine’s Treats! Nutella & strawberry frosted pop-tarts


Happy belated Valentines Day! I know I’m a little late, but believe me, this recipe is worth the wait! I’m not usually huge on baking, but for holidays I can’t resist making adorable, cheesy, holiday color-themed treats. Plus, I mean, these pop-tarts are super delicious and super easy to make, so what’s not to love? My boyfriend and I have a weird obsession with Nutella. If you’re reading this I’ll go ahead and assume you’re thinking, “Oh, me too!”,  just to make myself feel a little better about my spoon-licking-eat-it-straight-from-the-jar-with-my-fingers obsession. BUT, the beauty about Nutella (besides everything) is that it pairs nicely with fruit flavors. So I decided to get a little craft in the kitchen and pair Nutella with strawberry preserves. This recipe is a little different from my pumpkin pop-tart recipe from Fall because I did not make a filling, per-say. But it turned out just as delicious!



• Pie Crust
• Nutella
• Strawberry Preserves
• Butter
• Milk
• Powdered Sugar
• Sprinkles (if desired)
• Food coloring
• Cookie cutter


First , sprinkle flour on your working surface so the dough doesn’t stick. Make your desired shapes.


IMG_5522 IMG_5524


Fill. I did not put a ton of filling in mine, but later I kind of wish I would’ve!


Place the top and bottom together, melt butter and brush it along the top, using fork prongs seal the 2 pieces together.


Bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


Let cool! Meanwhile, mix 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons of milk together to make icing. Add food coloring if desired.


Add sprinkles! (the best part!)



Enjoy 🙂


Food Truck Friday

IMG_4440 IMG_4441 IMG_4442

Friday’s are always everyone’s favorite days for many different reasons, right? Well one of the reasons it’s my favorite day is because it’s Food Truck Friday! When I moved to a Phoenix, I was wondering where all the food trucks were hiding! Well, I finally found out! Every Friday at the Phoenix Public Market food truck vendors from around Phoenix congregate and serve their specialty item. There is everything from jambalaya, burgers, creme brûlée  and pizza, to hot dogs, cheesy tater tots, pulled pork, and my personal favorite — the “un-bun veggie burger”. I always order from the Uprooted Kitchen. They specialize in vegetarian and vegan items. Their food is always so fresh, and they have a new addition to their salads every week! This salad I have here is the Mediterranean bowl. Being a greek food fanatic, I really enjoyed the different tasty vegetables and the spicy hummus dressing. Yum! Happy food trucking 🙂

The weekend in food

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love food, and this weekend just so happened to be full of delicious meals. I’ve recently made a (verrrrrrrry loooong) list of all the restaurants I want to try in Phoenix, so there will be many more of these posts to come!

FRIDAY : I went to lunch with my friend Jeremiah, who is a mac and cheese CONNOISSEUR. He is obsessed with every, any, and all kinds of mac & cheese. So on Fridays we go exploring to a new restaurant where we can get mac & cheese! This weeks was super delicious, from Humble Pie. Definitely some of the best mac & cheese I have ever had.
SATURDAY: Alex was in town so we went out to dinner at Olive & Ivy, this adorable italian restaurant in Scottsdale. For an appetizer was ordered my all-time favorite, pita & hummus, but also had delicious red sangria and mushroom tortellini. Two thumbs up!
SUNDAY: Sunday was a super lazy day for us! Alex made his famous chicken marinade, as I made pan-fried garlic asparagus. Perfect comfort food for a lazy day. And of course as the day become night my sweet tooth grew larger & larger until I rummaged through my pantry for the pumpkin bar mix. I topped them off with my homemade maple icing & chocolate chips.