Homemade Prints!


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As a graphic designer, I have a passion for typography, colors, layouts, and pretty much everything else design-related. Last Christmas while trying to brainstorm thoughtful gift ideas for my loved ones, I came across a brilliant idea to design them prints of their favorite quotes. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone’s reaction as they first glance at something you created, just for them. It all started with a poster for my mom (#5), which she hangs above her drawing table in her art room. The first print is for my brother, who is an English nerd…err…teacher. (haha) So the E.E Cummings quote was pretty much spot on. The other prints were for my college roommates and best friends. I love designing these quote prints because I have complete freedom…it’s exhilarating!

Like what you see? I’d be more than happy to design a quote print for you! If interested — please contact me at brittanymt24@gmail.com.


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