The weekend in food

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love food, and this weekend just so happened to be full of delicious meals. I’ve recently made a (verrrrrrrry loooong) list of all the restaurants I want to try in Phoenix, so there will be many more of these posts to come!

FRIDAY : I went to lunch with my friend Jeremiah, who is a mac and cheese CONNOISSEUR. He is obsessed with every, any, and all kinds of mac & cheese. So on Fridays we go exploring to a new restaurant where we can get mac & cheese! This weeks was super delicious, from Humble Pie. Definitely some of the best mac & cheese I have ever had.
SATURDAY: Alex was in town so we went out to dinner at Olive & Ivy, this adorable italian restaurant in Scottsdale. For an appetizer was ordered my all-time favorite, pita & hummus, but also had delicious red sangria and mushroom tortellini. Two thumbs up!
SUNDAY: Sunday was a super lazy day for us! Alex made his famous chicken marinade, as I made pan-fried garlic asparagus. Perfect comfort food for a lazy day. And of course as the day become night my sweet tooth grew larger & larger until I rummaged through my pantry for the pumpkin bar mix. I topped them off with my homemade maple icing & chocolate chips. 

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