My week [according to Instagram]

1) After a long, late night at work I had some friends over to watch our favorite show, ‘How I met your Mother’ and one of them so kindly brought Krispy Kreme donuts! (Obviously I went straight for the pumkin one šŸ™‚ )

2) While grocery shopping at Trader Joes I spotted these delicious gems. They’re called ‘Dark chocolate nutty bites’ and I couldn’t be happier yet angry at the same time that I found them. Perfect for a smallĀ chocolateĀ craving, but impossible to only eat just one!

3) HomemadeĀ pumpkinĀ pop tarts!Ā 

4) FunĀ PolaroidĀ printsĀ 

5) Halloween at work! To Infinity & Beyond!

6) Couldn’t be happier to have my first red holiday cup from my beloved Starbucks!

7) A few friends I went to support our friend at his Gokart race!

8) I bought new lights for my room!


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